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A Guide To Protecting Your Home Against Wind Damage

fallen tree on top of house

Are you still reeling from March’s intense wind damage? Just a couple months ago, Las Vegas saw the strongest winds it’s seen in years, and major damage was done. Trees were uprooted, casino property was damaged, trucks and planes were blown over, and countless homes and properties were damaged.

Not since 2012 had winds gotten so violent, and some Nevada homeowners are still struggling to repair their damaged homes and properties.

These intense winds occur because Nevada is tucked into the mountains, and the winds can build into a frenzy before anyone really has a chance to prepare. This is why homeowners in Las Vegas and other areas of Nevada should prepare before the winds arrive.

Here are a few things you should do that will help protect your home from wind damage.

Anchors Away

During the wind storms of March 2017, you could see lots of videos of grills, patio furniture, and other yard objects flying through the air. Things like this (as well as sheds and other outbuildings) should be anchored down. You can use bolts, straps, chains, and cables to do this. If you know the winds are picking up, ensure that things are anchored down or moved inside your home.

Cover Your Doors & Windows

Wind damage can also include objects that are flying through the air hitting your property. For this reason, it’s smart to think about installing aluminum or steel storm shutters on any openings of your home, including sliding glass doors and windows. This will prevent things that are caught up in the wind from slamming into your glass and breaking it. If this sounds unnecessary to you, just remember that during the wind storms in March 2017, full-size trampolines were flying through the air.

Reinforce Your Garage Door

Many garage doors have been blown completely off by high-speed winds, and then whatever is inside of the garage gets lost or damaged as well—including cars. To help prevent this, you should reinforce your garage door with a support system. You can do this yourself, or you can have a professional come do it for you. There are DIY kits, or you can follow instructions to use wood beams. Whatever you decide to do, reinforcing your garage door is a smart idea in high-wind areas.

Shingle Security

No one wants to replace a bunch of shingles or deal with the leaks that be caused when they blow off. This can help be prevented by the number of nails or staples used to hold the shingles down. No matter which you choose, there should be at least six nails or staples securing each shingle. The staples or nails should also be hammered down beneath the edges of the overlapping shingles. It’s also good to have a waterproof underlay below the shingles for added safety against water damage. It may sound like a lot—but you’ll be glad you did it when the winds start.

Consider The Trees

Do you have a tree that’s very close to your home? If so, you may want to consider removing it. Trees do get knocked over by intense winds, and you definitely don’t want a tree through your window—or your neighbor’s. While this might sound extreme, it’s smart to compare how expensive it would be if the tree were to fall onto your home vs. just removing it from the equation.

To see some of the damage from the winds of March 2017, watch below:

At Pro Restoration, we experienced March’s high-volume winds because we’re based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We saw the damage, and we know the mark that these winds can leave. If you’re a Nevada local who still needs repairs from these winds, or if you need repairs in the future due to wind damage, please feel free to contact us. We provide superior reconstruction services and outstanding customer service. We have a great track record with our customers, and we want to get your home back to where it should be.