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Types Of Moisture That Can Cause Mold Growth


Everyone knows that moisture can cause mold growth in a home, but what exactly does “moisture” entail? Many people are convinced that mold just sort of appears after a leak, but the truth is, mold-causing moisture can take different forms. You need to watch out for more than just leaks.

Here are a few other moisture sources that you may have not considered when thinking about the causes of mold. Beware!

Hanging Up Wet Clothes

When wetness evaporates into the air, it’s like candy for mold. If you’re like many people who hang up their wet laundry to dry inside your home (especially in a small room), you may have noticed mold beginning to grow.

Living Near A Body Of Water

If you happen to live by the coast or near a body of water, you’re probably used to mold growth inside your home. This is because the humidity in your home’s air is naturally very high.

The Shower

Especially if your bathroom isn’t too bright, mold loves to grow and hang out on the wall of a shower. It’s warm, it’s wet, there’s oxygen, there’s a food source. Showers have it all!


Condensation can appear on cold surfaces within your home, like cold metal pipes or even concrete floors. This condensation is obviously wet, and makes those areas subject to mold growth.

Humidity And Rain

Has the weather been a bit humid or rainy lately? If so, you may have started to see hints of mold growing here and there. When there’s moisture in the air, mold is happy.

Here are some good ways to reduce humidity within your home:

Wet Clothes And Towels

This is more of an item than a part of the house, obviously, but be careful about leaving piles of wet clothing or towels lying around. Mold can begin to grow on these in 24 hours, so keep those clothes off the floor!

Leaky Pipes

One of the most common causes of mold growth, leaky pipes are frustrating because most of the time, homeowners don’t know about them until they’ve been leaking for awhile and mold has already begun. This is why you should routinely check out your water pipes for damage.

Leaky Roofs

The same goes for leaky roofs, although these are slightly more noticeable than leaky pipes—unless the leak is in the attic. Be sure to also keep an eye on your roof for damage that has caused leaks. It could save you lots of money and your health.

HVAC Systems

When HVAC systems artificially heats or cools the air, it can cause humidity issues which can result in mold growth.

Little Ventilation

When a home has rooms that aren’t well ventilated, such as a bathroom with no windows, pockets of stagnant moist air can develop, which is mold’s favorite thing. Shower steam and evaporating water creates a lot of humidity.

In order to grow and thrive, mold needs a few things. It requires warmth, oxygen, mold spores, darkness, something to eat (like wood or drywall), and of course, dampness. Because all of these things are already inside most homes, the risk of mold growing is always just within reach.

If you find yourself faced with mold, don’t take chances. Serious mold problems can cause all kinds of damage to your home and your health. If you’re in the Las Vegas, Henderson, or Clark County area, Pro Restoration is more than happy to come out to inspect your home for mold—for free! We can take care of any mold situation before (or after) it gets out of hand. To learn more about our restoration services, contact Pro Restoration today!