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National Pet Fire Safety Day Is June 15th!

National Pet Fire Safety Day - Dalmation Wearing Firefighter Uniform

Did you know that nearly 1,000 residential fires a year are started by pets? We adore our four-legged friends, but many people don’t realize that their natural curiosity can cause a devastating fire—especially when they’re left alone. For this reason, National Pet Fire Safety Day to take place every July 15th.

Created in 2007 by the American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services, National Pet Fire Safety Day is intended to educate pet owners about simple changes they can make that will help prevent house fires caused by pets. These changes could save your home or even the life of you or your pet.

With this holiday just two days away, here are some of the best practices for National Pet Fire Safety Day!

Be Mindful Of Open Flames

Candles, stoves, and fireplaces should be carefully watched if pets are around. Besides being curious creatures who will sniff and paw at the pretty flames, wagging tails can also catch embers and knock over candlesticks.

Remove Stove Knobs

This may sound extreme, but having knobs on your stove that pets can turn has caused many house fires. If your dog is tall enough to reach the stove knobs, remove them or invest in safety knobs that won’t turn. Check out the video below of a dog who just wanted a slice of pizza and nearly burned his human’s house down:

Forget Glass Water Bowls

Trade any glass water bowls for plastic or metal. If a glass water bowl is sitting outside on a sunny day, it can result in a “burning ants with a magnifying glass” effect and cause a fire on a wooden deck, in the grass, or anywhere else.

Use Fire Alert Window Clings

Many pet owners take advantage of fire alert window clings to help firefighters find which room their pets are located in in the event of a house fire. These window clings should always be updated to include how many pets you have in the house, and should be on the window of every room where they are kept while you’re away.

Hide Your Electrical Cords

If your dog is a chewer, secure any electrical cords by covering them up or hiding them, and never leave them alone with an electric blanket. A chewed-on cord can become damaged and spark, creating a risk for fires. Some pet owners even choose to unplug their electronics completely while they’re away, if their pets are big chewers or clawers.

Have A Plan

It’s very important to have an emergency plan in case of house fires, whether they’re started by your pet or not. Sadly, an estimated 40,000 pets die in house fires each year, so it’s absolutely crucial to have a solid plan in place. Practice escape routes with your pet, and be sure to include all members of your family to make sure everyone understands exactly what to do.


Anyone who owns a pet, specifically families with younger children, should take advantage of National Pet Safety Day and go over these safety measures and even have a safety drill to practice.

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