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Problems That Can Come From Neglected Ceiling Leak Repair


If you have a ceiling leak, it should be your number one priority to not only repair it, but to find out what’s causing the leak. This can be storm damage, old shingles, an improperly-installed roof, lack of good maintenance, and a host of other things. It’s not enough to simply patch a ceiling leak up and hope everything will be okay. As ceiling leak repair professionals, Pro Restoration has dealt with plenty of them. Ceiling leaks are serious and could cause a lot more damage to your home than you’d think, from the attic to the very foundation of your home.

Here are some problems that a ceiling leak can cause:

Attic Damage

If you have an attic and are seeing a leak on your ceiling, obviously the leak is affecting the attic as well. This can cause real damage to the wood structure and to any items you may have stored in your attic. Water damage can cause wood to deteriorate and rot, compromising the structural safety of the entire attic.

Ceiling Damage

This is probably the first thing that called your attention to the ceiling leak—a darkened area on the ceiling, or perhaps plaster that has bubbled or expanded. Depending on how bad the leak is, it may have also affected nearby walls, ceiling fans, or light fixtures.



Damage From Mold

As we’ve mentioned many times on this blog, moisture can cause serious mold growth within a home. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to address ceiling leak repair immediately and not wait. The longer there is moisture, the higher the risk of mold growing and spreading. It can make its way into your air conditioning system, where it can then spread throughout the air and get into your carpet, clothing, and furniture—and this can result in headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, infections, rashes, hives, and much more.

Fire Risks

If you have any wiring or working electricity around a ceiling leak or in the attic, by neglecting it you’re putting your home at risk of a fire caused by the mix of water and wiring. If you do have wiring around the leak, turn off the electricity, have a professional electrician examine the area for danger, and get your ceiling leak repaired.

There are several home repairs that can be put off for awhile, but a ceiling leak is definitely not one of them. By not taking care of it, you’re putting your home at risk for further damage and mold growth. A few signs to watch for (besides a discolored or swelling plaster) include a musty smell, peeling paint, finding shingles in your yard, and seeing water stains or mildew around your chimney.

If you’re in the Las Vegas, Henderson, or Clark County area, and you’re looking for someone to fix the leak and to provide ceiling leak repair, contact our team at Pro Restoration! We are home repair experts with outstanding customer reviews, and we will be more than happy to help.